Issue No. 1
December 2017
“Cultural Spaces”
This issue of the journal inflects on multiple forms of cultural negotiations across
the world. It is a world that believes in permeation and mixes, leading to discursive
epistemological as well as ontological experiences. This issue of the journal will
therefore focus on distinctive cultural formations. The idea of culture has been a
crucial point of debate in recent times. Zizek, for instance, stands against the
Lacanian principle of culture as a “symbolic system” with a linguistic boundary. He
pre-empts the zero-sum of culture, thereby implying a new paradigm shift in terms
of recognising the idea of history as a history of culture.
It may be suggested that in a world of neo-nomadic spaces, culture should be
reconfigured in terms of transnational negotiations. We may therefore argue: how
does culture originate? How does culture disseminate itself? How does culture
stride across boundaries and renew itself in multiple cultural, economic and
political forms?
This issue of the journal will therefore address a complex trajectory of culture in
the context of complex issues of spatiality, epistemological disruptions, cultural
narratives, discursive strategies, text, context and praxis, and the re-negotiation of
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